Photographer Alexander Khokhlov is known worldwide for his eye-tricking portraits based on the mix of face-art and different textures. Alexander was born in Calcutta, India, on May 9, 1982. He is now based in Moscow and from 2013 works with his wife, designer and retouching expert Veronica Ershova. Alexander started photography in 2008 as a commercial studio photographer. His experiments with beauty portraits and art resulted in the acclaimed series Weird Beauty and 2D or not 2D.

The wildly popular black and white Weird Beauty series and coloured 2D or not 2D were created in 2012 and 2013. A mixture of face art (Valeriya Kutsan), photography and complicated post-production (Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova) allowed the creation of two-dimensional posters. The work Silhouette from Weird Beauty series was chosen as main promo image of 11th Dubai Film Festival and featured in the book Illusion Confusion: The Wonderful World of Optical Deception by famous publishing house Thames & Hudson (London). In 2016 2D or not 2D series and Alexander Khokhlov's interview were featured in "Connect the World" show by CNN channel.

The result of reincarnation of Marge Simpson made by Alexander and Veronica (MUA) in 2014 was scary but attracting - the YouTube backstage video went viral and got more than 1,500 000 views, provoked many copiers and is still popular.

Nowadays Alexander and Veronica are working on the project called Shapes and Illusions. The new series continue author's challenge to transform people into different forms. This project combines the techniques of face-art, photography and decoration.

In 2016 Alexander's team joined with artist and image designer Natalia Pavlova. As a result Alexander's new conceptual art-project Wild Soldiers got 3rd place at International Photography Awards contest (Fine art/Portrait category).

Alexander’s works and interviews are featured in world mass media including USA Today, CNN, Fox Tv, NBC News, SBS (Australia), Scientific American MIND, Professional Photographer, Talk Magazine, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Wired, Holland Herald, Stern, 20 minutos, Quotation, Life magazine,, and others.


Leo Burnett Dubai,
Four Seasons Hotels (Moscow),
Hilton Hotels (London),
Lotus Restaurants (Sydney),
Mother and child clinics (Moscow),
Saum und Viebahn (Germany).


International Photography Awards (IPA):
- 2015, Fine Art/Portrait (Shapes and illusions series), Honorable Mention
- 2016, Fine Art/Portrait (Wild Soldiers), 3rd place
Fine Art Photography Awards 2016 - Conceptual category, Shapes and illusions series, Nominee
Trierenberg Super Circuit:
- 2016, Weird Beauty (Series and sequences), Gold Medal
- 2017, Dogs Alike (Series and sequences), Gold medal
Neutral Density Photography Awards (ND Awards) 2015 - Fine Art (Shapes and illusions), 3rd place
One Eyeland Photography Awards:
- 2015, Fine Art/Portrait (Shapes and illusions series), 2nd place
- 2016, Fine Art/Portrait, People/Portrait, Editorial/War/Conflict (Wild Soldiers), 3rd place